I-ON Internet AXS

Key Wins

700 registrations within a week of pre-launch at less than 5% CPL of the plan value.

4000+ Leads in the launch month with 25% month on month increase within 4 months from all sources.

Increased Brand Awareness resulting in 40% less CPL through Google Search in 3 months.

The Goal

To generate mass awareness and pre-bookings for 1 GBPS High-Speed Plan launch by I-ON Broadband.

The Approach

Two-phase communication is divided into Pre-Launch and Launch to get the users excited about the new plan.

Phase I - 2 weeks pre-launch campaigns to produce awareness and get pre-registrations done for the upcoming plan as a ‘Limited Availability Offer’ through Social Media platforms and Display Advertising at the targeted areas (West/South India)

Phase II - Aggressive budget on the new and remarketing audience through Social Media along with Search Marketing to capture high intent plan/brand-specific searches.