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Digital evolution transforms scalability

The biggest challenge faced by consumer app brands lies in increasing the volume of quality installs. With the abundance of competing apps available in the market, building credibility and an engaged community are of vital importance.

With India’s next billion users joining the internet bandwagon, increasing brand visibility requires a different approach. Without effective and targeted marketing, app installs will not scale up. With technology evolving and an increase in the number of new data users, brands are also waking up to the immense potential of different ways of marketing to drive app installations.

Developing customer loyalty to drive engagement has become increasingly difficult. Engaging with app users by providing useful and share-worthy content is important in order to build brand loyalty.

How do
we do it?

Increase discovery
on various platforms

With Google’s Universal App Campaigns, your ads and campaigns will appear on trusted platforms for relevant lead generation.


increase in organic traffic


We run ads in over 9 languages and use targeted ads to market in languages native to the region. We also run social ads with vernacular content to increase reach and visibility to new data users.

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Reduce the cost
per activation (CAC)

We create events within the app for every step of the consumer’s journey, and with a third party app, we analyze which events are performing the best and optimize these to cut costs. We also retarget existing app users to consistently engage them with the app for optimal LTV.


increase in conversion rates

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